Getting Your Website Online: Beware of Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Your dream website is built, it looks magnificent!

Before you pop the champagne, you need to decide which company you are going to trust to host it and send it to the World (Wide Web!) for everyone to see. The choice of your web hosting service provider is not one to be taken lightly.

What does a Web Hosting Provider do?

Hosting of your site on their servers

A web hosting provider is a company that runs the web servers where your files will be hosted.
They make sure it is available and running smoothly every time someone, somewhere in the world, asks to see it on their device by typing your site’s URL.

Domain registration

Some of them even offer an option for purchasing your very own domain name through them. The domain name is the address used to access your website ( for example). If you purchase your domain and hosting from the same provider, then they will connect them for you automatically.

If you purchase them separately, no worries,  just a few easy steps are needed to add your already owned domain to your new service provider. For example, you would go to My Domains, and then you would come to an interface like the one below. From here, you can either register a domain and have it automatically connect to your hosting, OR you can add a domain registered through another provider.

manage domains peopleshost


The other important thing you pay your provider for is customer service! If you have ANY trouble connecting your URL and web hosting, you should be able to contact your provider’s customer service team. Most have a database of FAQ or tutorials and some usually have toll-free numbers or online chat support where they can walk you through what you need to do.

Which web service provider should I choose?

There are many web hosting providers out there, and among the most popular are probably BlueHost, GoDaddy or Hostgator. They are great for static or simple sites and are very affordable. Unfortunately, the support can be pretty bad as it is usually limited to a bank of FAQ,  or they offer 24/7 support, but outsource or have long wait times through their support channels. Security is also minimal and some other features are deceptive. In other words, cheap is not always better and you might want to do yourself a favor and choose one that you won’t want to leave in a few months time because of below par service or inadequate offerings.

You get what you pay for

If you aren’t familiar with the web hosting industry, there’s a large conglomerate known as “EIG” that owns over 50+ hosting brands and many of the largest ones out there (BlueHost, Hostgator, iPage, Arvixe, Site5, A Small Orange, etc.). They have very low pricing, may have similar offerings, but lack in customer service, keeping their server environments updated, etc.

In addition, many of the lower priced web hosts oversell their shared servers and use the term “unlimited” (when unlimited just simply doesn’t exist). Some of them place upwards to 1,000-2,000 customers on a single server, which easily causes reliability issues even if a fraction of those customers are abusing or hogging server resources such as CPU and RAM. “Unlimited” referring to disk space and bandwidth.

After a lot of research and trial and errors, I must say PeoplesHost has become my favorite Web Hosting provider because they offer managed WordPress services, regular automatic back-ups and really fast loading times but, more importantly, they go the extra mile with their customer service.

They pride themselves in their customer support. They have been very quick to answer my questions or help with any problems I might encounter with hosting or setting up my WordPress sites and have a 24h online chat, as well as quick email support. I particularly like the personalized response, no machine automated replies. Click on the box below to set up your hosting and get a free domain name for the first year!

If you would prefer to let us deal with the hosting process for your website, The Coding Shop offers this service as part of a worry-free package that includes domain name registration, daily maintenance, troubleshooting and security at a minimal cost per month.

Have fun claiming your spot on the Internet!

PeoplesHost Web Hosting

Tech Term: PHP

When you ask a web server for a page, it’s PHP’s job to create it. When you browse a WordPress blog or make a post on Facebook, PHP is putting it all together.

If you wanted a very simple PHP page to greet you every time you looked at it, it might look something like this:

<?php echo “Hi there stranger!”; ?>

That would make a web page that looked like this:

Hi there stranger!

One of the reasons many people learn PHP instead of Ruby or Python is that it comes installed on pretty much every web server out there. If you happen to have a bit of web space to your name, chances are you’re able to run PHP.

A pretty typical way you’ll see people working with PHP is along with Linux (an operating system), Apache (a web server), MySQL (a database), and PHP. This kind of setup is called LAMP.

Cocktail Party Fact

PHP supposedly stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” If you said “Hey, but that doesn’t say what PHP means!” then you get the point ;).