Don’t throw that cheap dead laptop out the window just yet!

This tip might come in handy
My son’s cheap laptop died last week. Black screen of death. Would not boot up at all anymore (just battery led would turn on, no other action). I tried:
Forced shut down and restart,
draining battery
Pressing Window and B or V key and Power, 
F11, F12, shift and Power,
creating a recovery flash drive for corrupted BIOs,
asking for help online,
taking laptop apart and disconnecting non removable battery…
Nothing worked!
Was ready to throw it away so just started playing with it:
I heated up the now exposed motherboard for 2 minutes with a hairdryer in the bathroom:
The laptop is alive again!??!!

Apparently, I have heard you can also take out the motherboard completely and heat it up in the oven: it might reseal any possibly loose connections and save you a few hundred bucks! (Disclaimer: play with your own dead laptop at your own risk;-)!!)

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